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Truckcraft Bodies Ltd (TCB) based in Greater Manchester are delighted to announce, that they have launched a new innovative idea for the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Being an environmentally aware manufacturer, TCB are constantly looking to improve their product range, so their new low entry refrigerated vehicles might be of interest to your company.

By discovering a gap in the market for a low entry 3.5t refrigerated vehicle, TCB always produces aerodynamic lightweight products and this one is no different. “By retaining an attractive aerodynamic front and creating a vented watertight space, TCB have not only maintained fridge performance, but now have a solution where overnight charging could be a thing of the past due our collaboration with TRAILAR and their advanced mobile solar transport solution.” says Glen Pinder, Sales Director.

”Our primary focus has been on the heavy fossil fuel vehicle market, therefore this is an exciting opportunity to explore how the system and all its benefits can support an alternative vehicle type and refrigeration system.” added Aaron Thomas, TRAILAR Co Founder & Managing Partner

“The advantage of low entry will not be lost on drivers, but will also be of interest to accountants. The mass of the vehicle is only 2456kg. 1044kg payload before driver and fuel and this is before any benefits created by the advanced solar technology.” states Paul Leary, Managing Director.
GAH have supplied and fitted the latest SA350C system, a high quality, lightweight unit, designed for various chilled applications. The 3.5kw road only system, weighing approximately 57kg installed, allows for maximum payload. Produced and built in Britain, the powerful and efficient unit will control the temperatures required for your chilled operations. All backed up with their own fleet of fully trained and equipped engineers.

Truckcraft Bodies in collaboration with its partner TRAILAR, are currently in the testing phase and will be announcing some exciting news about their refrigerated vehicle in the next issue of TCS&D which will detail fuel, maintenance and environmental benefits, so make sure you get your copy!

For more information on the product or for a demonstration, please contact TCB sales team on 0161 304 9404. |