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Nagel Langdons are one of the market leaders for temperature controlled food distribution in the UK. Operating across all temperature ranges from eight regional depots they offer a national next-day delivery service to the wholesale, retail and foodservice sector.

The Nagel Langdons distribution model differs from most other logistics service providers because product is collected and consolidated locally, rather than being taken to a central hub for consolidation. This model delivers a number of benefits including better load fill on longer distance trunk routes, ability to consolidate manufactured product with stock already held in-store and local customer service teams familiar with individual customer requirements.

Each regional depot is connected via overnight trunk routes and operates from a common technology platform, which ensures the planning teams in each region have full visibility of every pallet moving through the network.

Nagel Langdons sophisticated IT systems enable customers to book transport consignments directly via the company web site. As soon as the order is received it is confirmed and a collection, trunk and delivery leg is automatically created within the Transport Management System (TMS) and each leg is then assigned to the relevant depot. For example a pallet being collected in Aberdeen today for delivery to St Ives tomorrow would generate a collection and trunk leg for the collecting depot in Scotland and at the same time a delivery leg would appear on the planning screen in the Bridgwater depot to allow the delivery to be planned, booked-in and confirmed.

Import and export consignments are handled in a similar way with the orders being transmitted via EDI to the relevant Nagel-Group or partner depot. Operating in 16 countries the Nagel-Group can offer line haul to the UK from most European countries via the European Distribution Centre (EDC) in Dover. Product is received, sorted, trunked and delivered via the UK network in the same way as domestic consignments, goods can also be stored for picking and distribution in the UK, reducing lead times to meet consumer demand.

Similarly UK food manufacturers looking to export their product to the 500 million consumers in the EU can rely on the Nagel-Group LTL and FTL networks to get their product on the shelf. Operating from 130 locations and with 13,000 employees and 6,000 trucks the Nagel-Group moves more than 100,000 food consignments daily and has the expertise and knowledge required to deliver a reliable, flexible and cost effective route to market.



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