As one of the leading integrated temperature controlled storage and distribution businesses in the UK, Reed Boardall prides itself on responding to its customers’ needs and evolving its services to reflect changes in the food industry.

One of the longest-established logistics providers in this niche sector with more than 20 years’ experience, Reed Boardall is renowned for consistently delivering a reliable, swift service and this remains at the core of its business ethos. The company has established a reputation as a leader in its field, storing and delivering frozen food from large and small manufacturers across Britain, Europe and further afield to all of the UK’s best-known supermarkets and food service businesses.

Andrew Baldwin, managing director of the company’s cold storage division, explains: “Our aim is to provide a seamless logistics solution which is as stress-free as possible for our customers. We are able to provide all of the services they need at our single 55 acre site in North Yorkshire – as well as offering one of the largest cold storage facilities in Europe, we have recently extended our case-picking facility.

“While our seven high tech cold store chambers, providing 142,000 pallet capacity, are perfect for the volume storage required by retailers, over the last two years we have seen increased demand from food service companies requiring smaller volumes and regular orders. The trend reflects the growth in eating out, particularly for casual dining and food-on-the-go. In response, we have now added a new mezzanine floor extension, giving us a further 2400m2 of dedicated picking floor and significantly increasing our available pick slots.”

Reed Boardall’s range of storage facilities is fully integrated with its efficient chilled and frozen distribution operation via the company’s 180-strong fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles. The company is committed to an ongoing upgrade programme and boasts one of the most modern fleets in the UK. Its fleet features brand new Volvo FH tractors with Euro 6 engines and the latest safety technology.

Howard Gill, who leads Reed Boardall’s transport division, comments: “While logistics is only a small part of our customers’ overall business, it is a vital one. They have to have full confidence in their storage and delivery partner, knowing that we have the experience, expertise and commitment to consistently live up to our ‘order today, deliver tomorrow’ promise. Serving every corner of the UK, 24 hours a day, seven days a week – we can also accommodate short lead times and provide flexibility in book-in times.”

As well as blast freezing with capacity for over 100 tonnes a day, Reed Boardall also offers a range of essential services which are core requirements for some customers or may be selected by others as add-on options to the main storage and distribution function. These include chill storage; a chill distribution network; blast freezing in four specially constructed chambers; up-tempering; and re-packing.

Andrew Baldwin adds: “Our customers need the peace of mind of knowing that they have a resilient supply chain and a reliable partner. At Reed Boardall, we have developed a robust business model suited to their needs with the latest technology giving customers greater control over their stock as well as interfacing seamlessly with customers’ own IT systems.

“Ensuring that we build close and long-lasting relationships with our customers remains our priority and, for this reason, we will continue to evolve our services to meet their changing needs in line with shifting consumer shopping habits.”

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