• TCS&D 2019 Dates: 25 & 26 June 2019. Location: East of England Arena, Peterborough


As it marks the completion of 25 years since the opening of the first cold store at its Boroughbridge site, Yorkshire-based frozen food storage and distribution business Reed Boardall has become one of the best known names in food logistics. Over the years, the company has evolved in response to the ever-changing food industry while remaining a trusted partner for food retailers and food service customers throughout the UK.

The family business, which is still headed by founder and current chief executive Keith Boardall with his son Marcus as deputy chief executive, opened the doors of its first 3,000 pallet capacity store back in 1992. Today, it works with all of the UK’s best-known supermarkets and food service businesses, storing around £100m worth of products on their behalf. Its four cold stores at the 55 acre site offer a combined capacity of 142,000 pallets, the largest of its kind in Europe. Operating 24/7 to ensure a swift and reliable response to its customers’ needs, the integrated temperature controlled storage and distribution businesses is supported by its own 180-strong fleet of vehicles which move up to 12,000 pallets a day.

Keith Boardall, chief executive, comments: “Reaching our 25th birthday is quite an achievement and I think the fact that the company is continuing to flourish is testimony to the strength of our original blueprint for the business– we’re still doing what we set out to do, we’re just doing it on a larger scale now, having grown alongside our customers.

“There have obviously been huge changes over the years, driven by the increasing sophistication of the UK’s supermarkets, changing shopping habits and the massive advances in technology. However, fundamentally, we continue to do the same job – acting as a reliable logistics partner for our customers and providing an integrated service for their cold storage and transport needs.”

Andrew Baldwin, managing director of Reed Boardall’s cold storage division, added: “I started working with the company when the new store opened 25 years ago and while there’s been phenomenal growth during that time, our ethos has never changed. We recognise that our customers need a robust supply chain in which they can have absolute confidence. We have seen many players come and go over the years, but we’ve carried on going about our business and doing what we do best – consistently delivering a reliable, swift service to food companies big and small, across the UK.”

As well as blast freezing with capacity for over 100 tonnes a day, Reed Boardall also offers a range of essential services which are core requirements for some customers or may be selected by others as add-on options to the main storage and distribution function. These include chill storage; a chill distribution network; blast freezing in four specially constructed chambers; up-tempering; and re-packing.

Graeme Richardson, managing director of the company’s transport division, explains: “Although for our customers, logistics is just one part of their extremely complex operations, it is a vital one. Having had experience of working for a leading supermarket, I understand only too well the need for a seamless, integrated storage and transport solution.

“Reed Boardall has built up a strong reputation based on its long track record – our customers know who we are and what we can do for them. As a result, we have established a strong customer base and are proving able to continue to retain business as well as winning new contracts.”

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