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Solomon Commercials are proud to continue their partnership with TOM and Adelie Foodservice, with the supply of thirty-five 3.5T, five 5T and eight 18T vehicles.

The vehicles, all built at Solomon Commercials facilities in the Rossendale Valley, demonstrate the detail that all parties bring to the table, with specifications that suit Adelie’s needs precisely as one of the largest sandwich suppliers in the country.

The majority of the order comes from the 3.5T vehicles, which are built on Mercedes Sprinter chassis cabs. These are the 7th generation of 3.5T bodies Solomon have built for Adelie, affectionately known as ‘Mable 7’. Since the first builds in 2003, which focused on single-temperature vehicles improving usability and payload, Solomon have continually worked with Adelie to update and innovate with each and every design. The drive from Adelie to be the best in their sector has married perfectly with Solomon’s constant strive to provide the best product, and both companies have pushed each other forward to a point where the newest vehicles feature a high spec dual temperature configuration, yet still achieving a total payload of 1210kg.

This dramatic headline payload is achieved thanks to Solomon’s recent work on their ‘lightweight’ 3.5T spec, which can achieve payloads in excess of 1350kg, depending on spec. By working with customers such as Adelie, Solomon have been able to refine the design to a point where they can achieve an outstanding payload, whilst maintaining the build strength and durability Solomon are famed for.

As well as from a practical specification, the 3.5T vehicles are some of Solomon’s most ‘stand out’ builds, featuring custom mouldings for the rear light clusters and rear corner capping, giving a commercial vehicle a much more visually appealing makeover, more akin to a recreational vehicle.

Taking what has been learned on the 3.5T, Adelie and TOM also have placed orders for 5T vehicles. These are built much in in the image of the 3.5T vehicles, also on Mercedes Sprinter chassis, but designed to take the more ‘heavy duty’ load of a 5T. Despite the increased strength requirements, these vehicles still have a total payload of 2050kg. This along with their smaller van-like proportions make them a very real alternative to 7.5T chassis cabs.

Completing the line-up, the 18T vehicles are built on DAF chassis cabs. Built with undermount Thermo King fridge units, the vehicle is incredibly aerodynamic, featuring Solomon’s Slipstream aerodynamic design for undermount fridges. Solomon’s high-visibility infills for side guards also stand-out on these vehicles, assisting in the visibility of the vehicle in dark conditions, and preventing pedestrians or cyclists becoming trapped under the vehicle. Internally, the vehicles are of a dual-temperature specification designed around the exact requirements of the operation, and continuing the development pace set on the 3.5T vehicles, features a brand-new concept moving bulkhead design which aims to dramatically improve thermal performance compared to traditional rigid bulkhead systems.

Sean Glover, Head of Distribution at Adelie Foodservice, said: “We have had a long term partnership working with the team at Solomons that has enabled us to continually improve our vehicle design and payload.

“This combined with our driver’s feedback and suggested improvements at each batch built has enabled us to have what we believe is a best in class vehicle for our operation.”



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