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Loading Systems are proud to introduce a new and complete range of Loading Systems High Speed Doors.

If you are looking to speed up your supply chain without sealing off your building or dividing it into compartments – a High Speed Door is the solution you need!

Installing a High Speed Door in your facility means your fleet of forklift trucks can move much quicker between areas than via a standard industrial door due to the increased opening speed. Their range of High Speed Doors uses radars or sensors to automatically detect forklift trucks, vehicles or pedestrians, thus increasing productivity. The technology can even recognise the difference between a pedestrian and a vehicle and opens the door to suit the height of the approaching traffic.

Loading Systems High Speed Doors are fully compliant with all safety aspects of the European Safety Standard EN 13241-1 and carry the CE mark. Their range of High Speed Doors also offers the following benefits:

Long lifespan
Optimum safety
Low maintenance
Energy efficient
Loading Systems High Speed Doors are impact resistant and fully self-repairing. The door leaf automatically returns into the tracks after a collision. Maintenance and interruptions are thereby reduced to a minimum.

An automated High Speed Door is also an ideal solution if draughts need to be excluded. The rapid opening times and exceptional draught exclusion characteristics significantly decrease your energy costs.

Loading Systems High Speed Doors offer the following features:

High speed; up to 2.0 m/second
Superior seal; quiet and up to class 4 wind resistant
Self-repairing; after a crash; over full clear size height
Minimum maintenance and safe; frequency operated drive (soft-start / soft-stop)
No damage to people and products; due to flexible soft edge and curtains without horizontal rails
13 different colours; all curtains can be delivered in 13 different colours to suit your environment

With several door types to choose from, ranging from their ‘640NG Food’ or the “All In One” High Speed Door which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. For chilled and frozen warehouses they offer their 640NG Freez2 which is specially designed for deep freeze applications. The Freez2 is supplied with a double-walled door leaf with an air cavity between the two polyester curtains which creates an effective thermal break.

Loading Systems can offer you the right High Speed Door solution; visit their website at to view their full range and to see their High Speed Doors in action.

You can trust Easilift Loading Systems to provide products and services which keep your supply chain moving. They take care.

Call them today on 0800 1601965 to request a free quote, or email them at