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Welcome to the 2019 Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution Awards Free Entry Form

The TCS&D Awards, which takes place on Tuesday 25th June at the East of England Arena, Peterborough, have been created to recognise companies and individuals who have really made a difference in the temperature controlled storage and distribution industry.


All companies and individuals involved within the temperature controlled storage & distribution sector are invited to nominate themselves or other candidates in any of the below 19 award categories.

New Closing date: Wednesday 10th April (Nominations received after this date will not be accepted)

A “Short List” will be announced in the July/August issue of TCS&D magazine

Section 1: You should supply as much information as is possible about your company nominee (s) but do try to be concise. First refer to the guidance notes in each category for which you are submitting a nomination. For an organisation, the judges will be looking for specific points that set the nominee apart from their competitors. For individual nominees, the focus should be on their achievements in our industry.
Section 2: For all supporting documents including images, please email them to
Section 3: Please submit one nomination only per entry form. You can submit as many nominations as you wish, but only one at a time.

Award Categories – Please click “+” icon for the dropdown box to appear.

Health & Safety
All businesses have to comply with a raft of regulations in this area but we are looking for something more than just compliance. Once again the judges are looking for something which is ground breaking and may benefit the whole cold storage industry.

Refrigerated Panel Van of the Year
The judges are looking for consistent high quality build standards linked with some innovation. Value for money is also a factor in this category.

Coldstore Team of the Year
Do you know of a team that has turned around a previously struggling operation or have just excelled within your coldstore operations? A coldstore team with a proven record of excellent cold store management will have every chance of winning this category.

Coldstore Construction Company of the Year
Have you had a recent temperature controlled facility constructed? If the construction company was excellent, please let the judging panel know who they are and why they were so good.

Environmental & Sustainability Award
The winner in this category will have demonstrated a documented history of reducing the environmental impact of their operation. Evidence of some innovation in this area will be helpful.

Refrigerated Rigid of the Year
The judges are looking for consistent high quality build standards linked with some innovation. Value for money is also a factor in this category.

Materials Handling Equipment Provider of the Year
Open to any manufacturer supplying the industry. The judges will be looking for a range of products (or possibly a single product) which has improved their customers’ operational efficiency.

Rental & Contract Hire Company of the Year
Companies offering high specification, late registered vehicles with good back-up service from a National network of depots will all be considered.However the judges will not rule out entries from any excellent operators who cover just one region.

Livery of the Year
We are looking for eye-catching vehicle liveries which convey a clear message about the goods or services provided by the vehicle operator.

Innovation Award
Open to any business operating in temperature controlled logistics. The judges are looking for a consistent commitment to developing and adopting innovative ideas over a number of years. However – just one outstanding achievement could be enough to win this category.

Customer Service Award

Last year’s winners in this category demonstrated exceptional levels of Customer Service and that is what we are looking for. At least one endorsement from a customer will be very helpful in this category.

Refrigerated Trailer of the Year
The judges are looking for consistent high quality build standards linked with some innovation. Value for money is also a factor in this category.

Refrigerated Fleet Manager of the Year
The judges will be looking for some sort of outstanding achievement in this category.

Refrigerated Courier of the Year
Candidates are expected to be operators of direct A to B “taxi” services using light vans.

Temperature Controlled Storage Operator of the Year
Open to operators in any controlled temperature regime. The judges will be looking for evidence of high levels of quality control and customer service.

Refrigerated Transport Operator of the Year
Nominees may also operate other related services, but nominations in this category must focus on transport only.

Partnership Award
Nominations should come from companies who have collaborated with other organisations to produce innovative products and/ or services for the cold chain sector.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The category title says it all. Do you know someone in our industry who has left his (or her) imprint on our industry and is now likely to be nearing retirement – or recently retired ? If so, please nominate him or her.

Transport Refrigeration Service Provider of the Year
The judging panel will be looking for an example of outstanding customer service or achievement in this category

Home Delivery Operator of the Year
Tell us which company you think stands out in the competitive home delivery sector and why


Award Winners will be announced at the TCS&D Awards Dinner on Thursday 13th September 2018 at the Midland Hotel, Manchester

General conditions of entry:

All entries will be treated as confidential, seen only by the judging panel.

All decisions by the judging panel are final.

Profiles of the winners will be published in TCS&D and Frozen & Chilled Foods magazines and respective websites after the event.

All entries must be submitted using the official online entry form and be received by 12 noon on Friday 8th June 2018.

Your entry will be judged on the information you provide on the entry form so make sure this is complete and compelling. You should describe the technical, creative or business challenge faced.

The decision of the judges is final in terms of any award made. The organisers will not be obliged to justify their decision or enter into any correspondence.

Please do not contact any member of the judging panel directly at any stage of the judging process.

Any entrants for the awards must be prepared to receive media coverage and this should be accepted as a condition of entry.

Shortlisted applicants may be requested to supply additional material in support of their application and to receive a visit from the judging panel if necessary.

The organisers reserve the right, not to make awards in any category if the standard of entry does not warrant it.