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Labcraft, Europe’s leading Designer and Manufacturer of LED Lighting for the Commercial Vehicle Sector, is pleased to announce their innovative Banksman safety lighting system has now been installed in over 5,000 vehicles.

“Over 5,000 customers have installed Labcraft’s Banksman solution to proactively protect the driver, protect the vehicle and protect the Public.” David Frew, Head of Marketing for Labcraft, commented, “We see our Banksman solution being adopted across many sectors from Commercial Vehicles to Construction.”

The Labcraft Banksman solution provides a bright carpet of white light around the vehicle, significantly improving visibility to reduce damage to the vehicle, to property and reducing the risk of serious injury to 3rd parties.

Mounted at various points around the underside of the chassis, the Labcraft Banksman delivers bright, white light into the areas around the vehicle when manoeuvring, into areas that traditional reversing lights cannot cover. The Banksman is an essential lighting aid to any commercial vehicle that is required to manoeuvre in areas of insufficient or poor lighting.

Earlier this year Labcraft strengthened the Banksman range with the new BM3: The world’s first Regulation 23 compliant manoeuvring light. This innovative light can be fitted as standard to new vehicles or retrofitted to an existing fleet enabling operators to be safe and Regulation 48 compliant.
The BM3, is constructed from Polycarbonate with toughened lenses to protect the long life CREE LEDS. It is supported with a 5 year warranty, and like all Labcraft products, is manufactured by Labcraft in the UK.

Customers who have installed the Banksman system have found significant reduction in costs attributed to vehicle repairs and time off the road due to accidental damage. This has led to collaboration with Industry Bodies and leading vehicle manufacturers focusing on reducing deaths, damage and injury by commercial vehicles.

Temperature Controlled Units, Rigids, Trailer Units, Curtain Sides, Vans and Construction Vehicles have all successfully deployed Labcraft’s Banksman solution reducing personal injury and damage to the vehicle and property, keeping staff safe and increasing uptime on the road.



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