CHEREAU is the largest European company in the design and manufacture of specialised refrigerated trailers and truck bodies using polyester technology.

Thanks to 60 years’ experience, CHEREAU is able to provide innovative and customised solutions for the most demanding customers. The company is recognised throughout the industry for the high quality and longevity of its products.

Enjoying a strong presence across Europe (over 10% market share and up to 47% market share in France), CHEREAU has known a fantastic growth over the last 5 years in the UK and managed to keep its market share steady despite the Brexit decision in 2016. The variation in price due to the exchange rate is still deeply compensated by the Total Cost of Ownership of the CHEREAU products value, its quality and durability.


Choosing a CHEREAU is not picking a product off the shelf with a one suits all attitude, it is having the assurance to get a tailor made vehicle which is manufactured to customer specification to help complimenting operations whether it be a Semi-Trailer or a Rigid Truck for any type of temperature controlled transport:


CHEREAU files 4 patents a year. Much more than meeting the needs of their customers, they anticipate them.
CityTrailer: This semi-trailer, dedicated to urban distribution, is a concentrate of all the CHEREAU latest innovations, most notably with the new 100% LED CityLight, the new SmartOpen-C rear opening, the air curtain AirShutter-C and Steering-C directional axle.

CityLight: ultra-high performance patented solution for lighting and signaling on refrigerated vehicles. Thanks to it delivering LED technology, CityLight combines essential functions to properly signal the delivery area and avoid any cause of accidents:
• A high-level repeat of the indicators and hazard lights
• Very safe dynamic flash signalling
• A high-performance working light
• CityLight won the third prize for Trailer Innovation at IAA 2016 in the “component” category

SmartOpen-C: Distribution is a demanding job that needs the right equipment for its specific needs: frequent stops and door openings, deliveries in urban areas, foodstuffs at different temperatures, activity both day and night, etc..

Our target: to be able to do the delivery rounds, respecting the cold chain temperature setting, from the first customer to the last, irrespective of the outside temperature. Make the delivery driver’s job easier and safer. Reduce noise and CO2 emissions to a minimum.

With SmartOpen-C it opens and closes the refrigerated body in less than 10 seconds to protect the cold chain and maintain the set-point temperatures. It complies with the PieK label for night deliveries.

AirShutter-C is an air-curtain which is automatically triggered when the rear doors, curtain or SmartOpen-C are opened. In a few seconds, its sensors compare the inside and outside temperatures to adapt its operation to the conditions and it allows for longer delivery rounds.

RearDetect-C detects static or moving obstacles with an audible alarm during the manoeuvre and automatic stopping to avoid collision.

Pharma-C: CHEREAU surrounded itself with the best experts to develop Pharma-C, a label that certifies the initial suitability of its vehicles for the transport of pharmaceutical products.

This label is only granted to qualified vehicles that are duly tested and approved under the most severe conditions (2°C/8°C and 15°C/25°C with an external temperature of -30°C to +40°C). It allows transporters and laboratories to be assured of the level of performance and reliability of these vehicles for the transport of health products.

Visit Chereau on stand D32 at TCS&D 2017, 13th & 14th September at the RICOH Arena in Coventry.



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